DIY//need a guide???

 normally in summer scarf may not come to mind in the first place but this summer is different...specially when Hermes want to teach you how to use them...get your silky scarfs out and let the lesson start...many fantastic ideas...i need this cards as soon as possible!!!anyone wants to buy me a gift!!!??? :)

source: everythingfab


  1. Hermes are amazing for making these how to cards!

    x Maybel

  2. Oh my, I am glad I came across this post! Lately, I've been getting into head scarves myself because they look great on big curly hair! Hey Cleo, would you mind doing a post featuring all these looks? I would love to see them on your hair!

  3. ofcourse...its a really great idea:) i sure will make a post with them:)) thank you so much:)


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