TRAVEL// touring around the city

 when you come Berlin you should make time for yourself at the parks or riversides from the tourist crowd and running one place to another so you can enjoy sun when you have it...because weather is changing so much here:)

 some pics from my last days....we went to city sightseeing by was really fun and Berlin gets bigger as you explore it...all the architecture in the city made me in love with it...i  wanna move BERLİN!!!!

first stop....Madame Tussauds Museum...i love this kind of places...and when i learn i could take Leonardo with me i was really really happy...hahah just kidding:) but i wish!!!


 at the end of the day we visited some new art galleries.....this one is in an old buillding with creative people on each floor...interesting place!!but you shouldnt think homeless people live here and take a look


  1. I love the outfits ;) so gorgeous

  2. look fabulous.. lovely photos

  3. sounds like a perfect city trip! have fun sweetie!


  4. Your pics are so great ! I really love the pic with top hat, you are so pretty and beautiful !!!

  5. I know : pretty and beautiful, it's the same thing ! LOL

  6. thank you so much girls:))trying to make the most of it:)


thank you for all your comments