PLACE TO BE// Coachella

Coachella is sure the place to be right now..its not only because i need a fun holiday with tones of wonderful music, because this place has brightest sun and most fashionable little clothes ever!!! bring your inner boheme OUT!!!!


  1. I´m so jealous of everyone being there. How amazing it would be to listen to the music in the sun, and all the good street styling. Thanks for sharing the images.

  2. Harley's outfit is awesome!

    What's funny about Coachella is that everyone suddenly becomes a hippie.

    xx - Lera

  3. Not without my hippiesque look :) I wish I could go next year!

  4. OMG i would die to be there!
    by the way i will be in Berlin in May.... too bad !!!
    you go there in July ???

  5. One reason I've always wanted to attend the Coachella are the cute outfits. It's so fun and refreshing to see such fashionable women who are having fun...


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