ACCESSORIES//rings and cat

 for new year i bought myself only rings...because one of my goal in this year is to extand my ring collection so that my homemate can use her rings...(thanks sweety for having the best rings) and at the top of this list there are  huge amethyst  and  shield ones...i bought this amethyst ring at a fair for christmas presents and im looking for a one un-processed one with chrystals...and the shield one is from H&M...i think rings are the only think i bought from the new H&M stores in İstanbul but im gonna check the stores ones again...its been a massive chaos since they are open...


  1. Hi Cleo!
    I really love your blog!

    Those rings are incredible! and that kitty is so cute :)

    x commepolly

  2. I'm surprised that you found the armour ring here in Istanbul!

  3. yeahh lucky my 2nd visit it was not there anymore!!!!

  4. Beautiful set of rings. Love the middle one especially.


  5. I love the H&M one ! Want to see all your rings collection :)

  6. oh love all of these ring, expecially the armor ring!

    cute kitty!

    love your blog, I will follow you, follow me back ;)

  7. Love love love the rings!


  8. From where is the biggest ring! I´m in love with it!:)


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